Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At Last!

I did it!
Yes I did!
The Queen of Procrastination!
Master of make do.
The lady with a 1000 unfinished projects!
I lit a fire under my butt last week and actually took this chair, that I started back March, from looking like this:
TaDa! This!
In all fairness to myself, while working on this chair, the staple gun died. I was unable to finish it. Also I had to return "Ricky's compressor"! Ooh. did that sound bitter? Because it tasted an awful lot like sour grapes to me! But that, my dear friends, is a completely different story.
Any who. One day last week, I loaded the chair in the back of my truck and hauled it my friend Pat's house. I used her compressor and staple gun to finish the remaining side and enlisted her help to sew my cushion. I was actually afraid to tackle that part by myself.
Am I patting myself on the back?
Yes I am!
For those of you who want to know, yes my mom was with me in spirit while worked on this chair. Yes, she is proud of me. But, she also said I didn't do it right. Hey, I told her, if she wanted perfection, she should have been here to do it for me!
Oh, there is still room for you to pat my back as well!
Hee hee hee

Idle Threats

I received a threatening note in my e-mail a couple of days ago.
This is not a joke!
I'm serious!
Someone, I'll shall not tell you her name, sent me a note promising to make a trip to Phoenix to kill me if I didn't update my blog.
Let us keep in mind that she is mere blog lurker.
Nary a comment does she make, and yet feels it is her duty to remind of my complete and total disregard of my blog.
I wondered, if I didn't write some small missive if this could actually work to entice her up for a visit. I do miss this person VERY much! I would love the chance for a short visit.
However, upon further pondering, I realized that the rest of our friends would not come to my funeral because they would be visiting HER in prison.
If I were not dead, I would be visiting her there as well.
She could always plead the defense of justifiable homicide.
After all, I have been denying her a chance to see in to my simple life, and insane mind, by not throwing out even a short entry for *gasp* 2 months!
It's a record. I think.
I promise that I shall return with another entry later tonight.
But now, I am off to do the dreaded shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've got all my sisters with me!

Yesterday was the birthday of my "little" sister Crissie. There was once a day when she was my little sister. A whole 14 months younger than myself, and therefore just bit smaller than I was. Being so close in age, we shared much together. Including a bedroom while growing up.

Because she was the only one smaller than me, I often would pick on her. Then, fearing her telling my parents about my abuse, I would hold the bedroom door shut, refusing to let her out. I would beg her not to tell on me! One day, she grew up. Literally! She got taller than me. She could then pin me to the floor and threaten to spit on me, while I screamed for mercy that I didn't deserve!
I must add here that my oldest sister, Bev, celebrated her birthday just a couple of weeks ago, and so I want to be sure and honor her birth as well!
Being the oldest I am sure it was her duty and right to also be the bossy one, and the meanest. While I didn't appreciate her being in my life when we were children, I can now say that I love her and actually enjoy being with her.
Note to all of you parents with young, fighting children, this to shall pass. Someday they will grow up and be great friends!

Bev was a senior my freshman year of high school, and also my bus driver. Ha! Well as you can see by this photo it was a big car, and it was also yellow! It was probably a great ride up until it blew up.
By the time Crissie and I were the last of the Lundberg girls at Glendale High, people would often ask us if we were twins.
For a time as adults we lived about 10 from each other and so would get together often to play, and let our children hang out. I miss those days the most!
Once we even ran away to Vegas for the weekend, leaving behind unhappy husbands.

Here we all are sporting our fabulous 90's permage in photo shoot we did as a gift for our parents anniversary one year.

Crissie is a wonderful mommy. This is one of my favorite pics of her with her first baby boy. She always spoke to her two boys in a much sweeter tone of voice than I ever used with my own brood.

When she remarried I got the priveledge of standing up with her as her matron of honor.
Yes, she is still taller than I am, and we can probably still pass as twins on a good day.

I love you Little Sister, and Big Sister! Happy Birthday to you both!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First days/Milestones

Yes, we believe in sending our children back to school while the sun is still so hot in AZ that the tar on the roads is soft, and you can hardly breathe when you step outside because the heat sucks the breath right out of your lungs.
But, never mind all of that.
I will instead share with you some of the photos taken that mark the milestones of my life.

Ah yes. It's the first day back to high school for thing three. While I think she should look happy because it the only day this school year where she can sleep a little bit later on account of there being no early morning seminary until tomorrow... Alas, this does not appear to be the case!
She will however endure the brief photo op that I, as her mother, subjected her to.

Ah, here now is happiness and excitement! Yes this would be one of those milestones that I referred to in the title of this post. Thing 4, the surprise addition, the baby, is starting kindergarten! I drove him the first day and then he rode the bus home. He was so excited to get to ride the school bus!
This him getting off the school bus on that first day. It's a good thing I documented this, because the day is coming when his attitude about riding the bus will be much like that of his older siblings. Yes, it would be safe for you to assume that this is not a happy or pleasant attitude.

Day 2, I again drove him to school to make sure he knew where to go when he got off the bus. At last! Day 3, I walked him to the bus stop and watched him get on the school bus and head off in to the world all by himself!
FYI, this is a different black t-shirt! The one he wore on the first day was superheros, and this one has guitars on it. I promise.

Another milestone!
Thing 2, my number 1 baby boy, goes to college!
I managed to not cry for both of these events!
You may pat me on the back next time you see me.
We loaded up both trucks with all of his things and before we pulled out of the driveway I rolled down my window and took his picture.
He worked hard throughout his high school years and earned an academic scholarship for ASU. He chose to attend the Polytechnic campus because it one of the top schools for engineering.
This is his dorm, or house. He is in Falcon Hall. Also known this year as Tech House. It is occupied completely by engineering and flight students.
And here he is, all moved in to his dorm room.
I am so proud of him, and I miss him already! I figure this is my transition year. He has moved out of our house to attend college, but I can call him and still see him when I want to.
I am getting used to him being gone so that when he leaves for a mission next year, hopefully I won't fall apart!
Oh, by the way, he has the best looking room in tech house! His suite mates have come to check out his room because it's all decorated and color coordinated! What can I say? It's a talent!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's been 2 months since my surgery.
That makes 2 entire months of not one single workout!
After a couple of weeks of intense dieting I have managed to lose all the lazy, post surgery weight. Yeah.
This week, I started working out again.
See title of post
Seriously! How in the world can your muscles atrophy so quick?
My hubby bought the P90X program. It's one I've always wanted to try. Psycho, I know.
I knew I was far to out of shape to even give it a go. However, the kit came with 2 bonus workouts, and they seemed a little more doable to me.
Can I actually do those workouts? you ask.
I'm giving it a valiant effort!
Pushing myself where I can, and backing off where I know I can't.
Dang, my inner thighs are talking to me today!
Oh, in case your wondering, they're not saying nice things.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today I went to the library.
I had intended to go yesterday. However, when the sole purpose for a trip to the library is to acquire new books for a 5 year old who emphatically refuses to go....what would have been the point!
This morning I had some other errands to take care of. Yes, by myself!! So, while I was out I stopped to get books.
While walking up to the door I was hit suddenly by a wave of smell that brought on immediate nostalgia! Before you even get to the doors of the library you can smell it!
There is simply no other smell in the world like that associated with a room filled with thousands and thousands of books.
The smell, combined with the heat of an AZ summer, and I was at once transported back to my childhood. Trailing after my mother, along with my three sisters, into the welcoming airconditioning of the old Velma Teague library.
Times were different then. No huge fear of child molesters lurking. And so, my mother would lead her brood into the children section and leave us there with the admonition to find some books to check out. She then would go off on a search for her own selection of reading material for the week ahead.
I remember wandering the aisles of books. Looking at many, but unable to decide what to pick. Eventually, mom would return and ask if we were ready to go. She would then lead me among the shelves of books and begin pulling some off the shelves, telling me what it was about and asking if that sounded good.
Thanks to our mother we each developed into voracious readers!
As I walked the aisles of our local branch library this morning, selecting books for my son, I couldn't stop thinking about the glorious smell.
Maybe I scared some of the people with my long slow breaths, and look of happiness.
I wondered about the ability to bottle that smell. Put it in a pretty glass jar with a stopper. To set it upon a shelf, and then be able to breathe in the smell whenever I chose by simply pulling the stopper.
Perhaps as a perfume?
Maybe I should be a librarian?
Do all librarians smell of books?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I lied!

Yes, it's true.
I told a big, fat lie.
I said I would never join facebook.
I truly meant it when I said it.
So maybe it wasn't really a lie.
I just changed my mind, that's all.
Not only can I keep tabs on my children and their friends (shh...don't tell them I said that) but I have also reconnected with tons of high school friends!
What a blast!
Do you remember the drama of high school?
If you are a girl you know exactly what I am talking about. You are friends one day and then someone says something....
Suddenly you are not my friend today!
Reconnecting, none of that matters.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I still remember when there were differences between myself and some of these girls/now women. But, mostly I remember them as being a large part of my childhood. (Some go way back in to my elementary school days.)
When I attended my 20 year reunion (what? I'm old enough to have had a 20 yr reunion?) I realized that I had spent 5 days a week, 4 years total, with these people. That is a lot of time!
What a profound impact and huge part of my life they all were!
How fun to be adults and able to say goodbye to the drama and hurts of yesteryear, and hello my good, old friend.

Oh, and while you may be and old friend, you are not old!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pucker Up!

I love shopping!
Seriously, it's an illness. I think.
Tonight I took thing 3 and thing 4 to get some milk.
We also bought ice-cream.
But that's not the point.
Can I just tell you how much I love Target!
When you shop with a teenage girl you will often find yourself browsing through the cosmetics.
Have you seen this fabulously retro line of products they've started carrying?
Let me be the first to show you!
The line is called Soap & Glory.

I had to have this one! After all, what girl could possibly resist a package that says motherpucker!
Some of the great packaging flair reads "Scientist confirm: size matters! fuller lips attract men more" and "INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: It's easy. Just put your lips together and glow!"
Somewhere inside me is this great desire to be like Carrot Jello. Lets face it. She's clever, witty, and her blog has a flair for the 50's. So when I saw this line of products, with their retro look, I was hooked.
I really do want it all!


Oh, and I definitely need this in my kitchen and both bathrooms! "WASH YOUR HANDS OF IT" Look ma, I'm Pontius Pilate!
Lately I find myself in need of this particular product. For some reason after falling in to blissful, percocet inspired, sleep for a week, I can no longer fall asleep on my own. This one says "YOUTHFUL LOOKING INSOMNIAC ADMITS HER BRIGHT UNDER EYE AREA ALL COMES DOWN TO TRICK AND TREATMENT"

Finally, you can "SCRUB YOU NOSE IN IT". To reduce the size of you pores. Or relax in the tub with "CALM ONE CALM ALL"

These are just a sample of some of the products in this line. Want to see more? Well, what are you waiting for? You can either click on the link I added for SOAP & GLORY, or get yourself over to Target.

If you happen to see me there, get out of my way because I saw it first! Oh, and don't tell my hubby what a sucker I am for great packaging.

Hmm... Maybe someone will want to pay me with free products for advertising their stuff on my blog! It could happen!

Monday, June 15, 2009

With Honor

Home at last!
My nephew returned from serving 2 years in the Columbia, South Carolina mission. After spending his entire day Thursday in the airport with flights being cancelled and then delayed, he finally made it home after 11pm. Note, that's 12 hours later than he was originally supposed to arrive.
His poor mom.
Can you imagine what that must have been like!
You haven't seen your son in 2 years, and then waiting for him to be able to even get out of the airport! Ugh!
But, at last, he's here!
It was wonderful to get to see him!
I hugged him tight, and then hugged him again. And somehow managed to not cry.
Sunday we got to listen to him report on his mission.
What an amazing experience he had!
He saw lots of conversions, made new and eternal friends,
and most importantly, he served and returned with honor.
I am so proud of you Josh!
I love you!
I'll post a pic as soon as I get someone to send me one.
What can I say. I'm still loopy from surgery and didn't take any photos myself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Alive

Yes, I survived.
These are all the super fun wrist bands I came home from the hospital wearing. I never fell, but I did drop a glass of water in the middle of the night. It was my second night home and I got up to get some water so I could take more pain meds. My poor, sweet husband must have been sleeping like a new mommy. You know what I mean. Attentive to any sound I might make. Sweet!
He jumped up.
He didn't just sit up in bed and ask me what was wrong. He jumped and landed on his feet. Guess he was expecting a repeat performance of the first night home. That was not good....

It's only been a week, and I am recovering so well, I don't even need to take most of this stuff anymore.
That's it for now. This balancing act of sitting on only one butt cheek is wearing me out!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Will you miss me?

Just wanted to prepare you all for my upcoming absence

You have had a short taste of life without Suzee's blog while we vacationed in the beautiful, cool, Park City, UT.
I am afraid this absence may be longer :~(
I am off to surgery tomorrow
Having my 100,000 mile overhaul
You know
girl surgery
I'm not sure how long it will be before I am able to sit long enough to entertain.
Do not fret!
I shall return :~)
While you wait, please feel free to peruse my archive
And enjoy the following photos of some of our more recent adventures!

We drove the extra long way so we could stop to see the Manti temple.
Definately my favorite, and in my opinion one of the prettiest!

In the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Murray.

Riding the Heber Creeper

Love this one! Silly girls and one grumpy boy in the back

We went trap shooting, I have the bruise to prove I fired a shot gun!

Cutest kid on earth blowing dandelions

Amid this sea of purlpe stands my number one baby boy being recognized for graduating in the top 5% of his class
Here he is all decked out with his NHS collar, medal, and all the cords that represent his academic honors!

Track banquet, 3 cute girls with their throwing coach.
P.S. My little girl currently holds the school record for discus
oh, and she's the super cute one in the middle!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hungry Monster Takes A Holiday

Heading out on his very first vacation.

Oh yum! It's the Denny's in Page. What a great place to stop for dinner!

Halfway there! Stopped for the night Hungry gets to sleep with the boys.

Bryce Canyon visitors center.

Sight seeing at Bryce Canyon. Not to worry. Hungry is not the one who pooped on this post.

Be very nice to this guy. He shoots furry things

Like this mountain lion,

and this big elk!

Driving the ranger

Ice cream shakes at Dairy Keen! It's tradition!

Hungry gets to meet Grandma and Grandpa

Hot tubbing! This is the life!

Hungry playing video games.

Hungry rides the Heber Creeper.

Ahh, yes. Relaxing by the pool, working on his tan.

Pizza on Main Street, with the Jepperson's

Hangin' with his Homie

Ohh! Fast food! Donuts, in the car.

On his way home, at last! He can't wait to get back to his life in the desert. Back to the lady with whom he actually belongs!

Thanks for hanging with us Hungry.