Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I lied!

Yes, it's true.
I told a big, fat lie.
I said I would never join facebook.
I truly meant it when I said it.
So maybe it wasn't really a lie.
I just changed my mind, that's all.
Not only can I keep tabs on my children and their friends (shh...don't tell them I said that) but I have also reconnected with tons of high school friends!
What a blast!
Do you remember the drama of high school?
If you are a girl you know exactly what I am talking about. You are friends one day and then someone says something....
Suddenly you are not my friend today!
Reconnecting, none of that matters.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I still remember when there were differences between myself and some of these girls/now women. But, mostly I remember them as being a large part of my childhood. (Some go way back in to my elementary school days.)
When I attended my 20 year reunion (what? I'm old enough to have had a 20 yr reunion?) I realized that I had spent 5 days a week, 4 years total, with these people. That is a lot of time!
What a profound impact and huge part of my life they all were!
How fun to be adults and able to say goodbye to the drama and hurts of yesteryear, and hello my good, old friend.

Oh, and while you may be and old friend, you are not old!


Leigh said...

It's about time you got on FB. If it weren't for FB, I would never have found you....since that is where I first found Crissie!

Stephanie said...

Yea for facebook! And I didn't know you were a band nerd!! That totally rocks . . .

Suzee said...

I was on the colorgaurd line. But it definately allowed me to be part of the band geeks! I loved that group of people. Proud to have been one of them!

Crissie said...

And now that you are on facebook you have TONS of friends to keep up with...such a facebook whore. LOL!