Monday, September 14, 2009

I've got all my sisters with me!

Yesterday was the birthday of my "little" sister Crissie. There was once a day when she was my little sister. A whole 14 months younger than myself, and therefore just bit smaller than I was. Being so close in age, we shared much together. Including a bedroom while growing up.

Because she was the only one smaller than me, I often would pick on her. Then, fearing her telling my parents about my abuse, I would hold the bedroom door shut, refusing to let her out. I would beg her not to tell on me! One day, she grew up. Literally! She got taller than me. She could then pin me to the floor and threaten to spit on me, while I screamed for mercy that I didn't deserve!
I must add here that my oldest sister, Bev, celebrated her birthday just a couple of weeks ago, and so I want to be sure and honor her birth as well!
Being the oldest I am sure it was her duty and right to also be the bossy one, and the meanest. While I didn't appreciate her being in my life when we were children, I can now say that I love her and actually enjoy being with her.
Note to all of you parents with young, fighting children, this to shall pass. Someday they will grow up and be great friends!

Bev was a senior my freshman year of high school, and also my bus driver. Ha! Well as you can see by this photo it was a big car, and it was also yellow! It was probably a great ride up until it blew up.
By the time Crissie and I were the last of the Lundberg girls at Glendale High, people would often ask us if we were twins.
For a time as adults we lived about 10 from each other and so would get together often to play, and let our children hang out. I miss those days the most!
Once we even ran away to Vegas for the weekend, leaving behind unhappy husbands.

Here we all are sporting our fabulous 90's permage in photo shoot we did as a gift for our parents anniversary one year.

Crissie is a wonderful mommy. This is one of my favorite pics of her with her first baby boy. She always spoke to her two boys in a much sweeter tone of voice than I ever used with my own brood.

When she remarried I got the priveledge of standing up with her as her matron of honor.
Yes, she is still taller than I am, and we can probably still pass as twins on a good day.

I love you Little Sister, and Big Sister! Happy Birthday to you both!