Monday, August 24, 2009

First days/Milestones

Yes, we believe in sending our children back to school while the sun is still so hot in AZ that the tar on the roads is soft, and you can hardly breathe when you step outside because the heat sucks the breath right out of your lungs.
But, never mind all of that.
I will instead share with you some of the photos taken that mark the milestones of my life.

Ah yes. It's the first day back to high school for thing three. While I think she should look happy because it the only day this school year where she can sleep a little bit later on account of there being no early morning seminary until tomorrow... Alas, this does not appear to be the case!
She will however endure the brief photo op that I, as her mother, subjected her to.

Ah, here now is happiness and excitement! Yes this would be one of those milestones that I referred to in the title of this post. Thing 4, the surprise addition, the baby, is starting kindergarten! I drove him the first day and then he rode the bus home. He was so excited to get to ride the school bus!
This him getting off the school bus on that first day. It's a good thing I documented this, because the day is coming when his attitude about riding the bus will be much like that of his older siblings. Yes, it would be safe for you to assume that this is not a happy or pleasant attitude.

Day 2, I again drove him to school to make sure he knew where to go when he got off the bus. At last! Day 3, I walked him to the bus stop and watched him get on the school bus and head off in to the world all by himself!
FYI, this is a different black t-shirt! The one he wore on the first day was superheros, and this one has guitars on it. I promise.

Another milestone!
Thing 2, my number 1 baby boy, goes to college!
I managed to not cry for both of these events!
You may pat me on the back next time you see me.
We loaded up both trucks with all of his things and before we pulled out of the driveway I rolled down my window and took his picture.
He worked hard throughout his high school years and earned an academic scholarship for ASU. He chose to attend the Polytechnic campus because it one of the top schools for engineering.
This is his dorm, or house. He is in Falcon Hall. Also known this year as Tech House. It is occupied completely by engineering and flight students.
And here he is, all moved in to his dorm room.
I am so proud of him, and I miss him already! I figure this is my transition year. He has moved out of our house to attend college, but I can call him and still see him when I want to.
I am getting used to him being gone so that when he leaves for a mission next year, hopefully I won't fall apart!
Oh, by the way, he has the best looking room in tech house! His suite mates have come to check out his room because it's all decorated and color coordinated! What can I say? It's a talent!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's been 2 months since my surgery.
That makes 2 entire months of not one single workout!
After a couple of weeks of intense dieting I have managed to lose all the lazy, post surgery weight. Yeah.
This week, I started working out again.
See title of post
Seriously! How in the world can your muscles atrophy so quick?
My hubby bought the P90X program. It's one I've always wanted to try. Psycho, I know.
I knew I was far to out of shape to even give it a go. However, the kit came with 2 bonus workouts, and they seemed a little more doable to me.
Can I actually do those workouts? you ask.
I'm giving it a valiant effort!
Pushing myself where I can, and backing off where I know I can't.
Dang, my inner thighs are talking to me today!
Oh, in case your wondering, they're not saying nice things.