Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's been 2 months since my surgery.
That makes 2 entire months of not one single workout!
After a couple of weeks of intense dieting I have managed to lose all the lazy, post surgery weight. Yeah.
This week, I started working out again.
See title of post
Seriously! How in the world can your muscles atrophy so quick?
My hubby bought the P90X program. It's one I've always wanted to try. Psycho, I know.
I knew I was far to out of shape to even give it a go. However, the kit came with 2 bonus workouts, and they seemed a little more doable to me.
Can I actually do those workouts? you ask.
I'm giving it a valiant effort!
Pushing myself where I can, and backing off where I know I can't.
Dang, my inner thighs are talking to me today!
Oh, in case your wondering, they're not saying nice things.


Sarah said...

I heard P90X really works though! I want to borrow it!

Suzee said...

Just as soon as you move home you can use it!

Shawn said...

You go girl! It's a love/hate relationship with sore muscles. You love knowing that you're doing something good, but hate the feeling of it. Keep it up!

Stephanie said...

Do you need some company while you torture yourself? If you do, call me and we'll do it together. I'll even drive over to your house!

Let me know!

Crissie said...

If I were a good sister, I'd leave an encouraging comment right now. Instead I'm sitting here having a conversation with myself about why I didn't get up off my big fat lazy butt and get back to working out while I was on my diet! Oh,no! I refused to work my own atrophying muscles.

So I think I will (after all) be a good sister and tell you how proud I am of you...and I just want to say, "YOU GO GIRL!" You are going to look fabulous!!

Carrot Jello said...

I've been very tempted to buy that. The commercial is very convincing.