Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imparting my wisdom

I have another addiction.
Shocker I know
but yes I can freely admit this one.
I love crossword puzzles.
I have always chosen to do my crossword puzzles with pen. Makes you commit to your answers whole hearted. None of this iffy pencil in the answers for this girl.
Since I no longer get a daily newspaper (they're all full of ugliness, and liberal agendas) I have another way to fulfill my daily habit.
Online gaming!
Oh the joy!

This is actually a good habit don't you think? It keeps the mind sharp which in turn will hopefully prevent the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's.
But all that has nothing what so ever to do with the reason I started this post.

While doing a crossword the other day I came across a new word (to me)
A fabulous word
One that makes me all fuzzy and warm inside every time I think of it
and especially when I say this word aloud.
I can see you sitting on the edge of your computer chair just waiting to delight in my new found wisdom.
So here it is


Fabulous isn't it!
Did you smile on the inside when you said it?
I did
Now I suppose that if I lived on another continent this word would not be so new to me. It's mainly a British term. But it's origins are probably from Scottish Gaelic .
Oh, yes I know much about this word now.
You see I was so intrigued by the sound of KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee) that I simply had to google it.
My dictionary is a 1968 edition and so is lacking so many *splendiforous words. (*another word that makes you smile to say)
KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee): disturbance or fuss.
Example of using it in a sentence
The royal scandal caused quite a KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee) on Fleet Street.

How divine.
To think that I have gone so many years without this word.
How did I ever manage?
No more.
From here on out my children will cease to argue!
Now they will simply have a KERFUFFLE. (hee-hee-hee)
Isn't that wonderful?
How could a mommy ever possibly lose her cool and yell at her children when they are simply kerfuffling? (Do you like my own personal adaptation of the word?)
I am a new woman
Who knew that learning new words could produce such joy in my life?
I should search the dictionary daily for further knowledge and joy!
Then again...
Maybe not.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It may not kill me...

I have an illness.

No, it is not terminal.

It is however hereditary.

At least I am pretty sure it is because my sisters seem to suffer from this same genetic mutation.

While it will never kill me, there is no cure!

I will suffer from this illness for my entire life.

It's called


I am not making this up!

Ok, maybe I made up the name of this illness.

But the symptoms are very real.

With it comes the ability to have complete conversations by using only lines from movies.
Along with the ability to verbally replay complete movie scenes inside your head.

Although I probably would not say that I Suffer from this disorder.

Sometimes it's nice while sitting and doing nothing, to enjoy a movie inside my head.

Complete strangers may wonder why I am smiling sometimes. But seeing as they are complete strangers, why should I care what they think!

There is one drawback to this disease.

It is coming to the realization that perhaps watching TV with my 6 year old should no longer be an option in my life.

The reason for this decision

While sitting at my computer the lines running through my head.....



It's a problem.

Society's Evils

Did you hear that?

Shhhhh, there it is again.


You heard it too?
What is it? you ask.

Oh , it is pure evil calling my name!


Tempting me

Sometimes quietly whispering my name

Other days it refuses to be ignored and taunts me continually with it's call.

Does this evil entity have a name?


It's name is

You see, this den of sin just opened right by my house.
It refuses to fade quietly into the background with the other shopping temptations that reside around it.
No, this little gem of iniquity has bright orange flag banners that continually whip and wave in the wind. It is those flags that produce the sound of my name!
At least I think that is what they are saying.
Inside there lies the most tempting seductress known to man (or perhaps it's woman) kind.
Sweetened and fried bread coated in maple frosting goodness all warm and inviting and even more flavors and colors and delights to tempt the visual and taste senses! (that part was to be read quickly in the run on sentence way)
I shall resist you!
I will learn to avert my head when passing your gloriously tempting yumminess.
In this war between good and evil,
I mean
In this war between weight loss and continual chunkiness
I shall emerge Victorious!
You may have your way with other girls
Using them up
and spitting them out with thicker waistlines and rounder faces
But not this girl!