Friday, October 1, 2010

It may not kill me...

I have an illness.

No, it is not terminal.

It is however hereditary.

At least I am pretty sure it is because my sisters seem to suffer from this same genetic mutation.

While it will never kill me, there is no cure!

I will suffer from this illness for my entire life.

It's called


I am not making this up!

Ok, maybe I made up the name of this illness.

But the symptoms are very real.

With it comes the ability to have complete conversations by using only lines from movies.
Along with the ability to verbally replay complete movie scenes inside your head.

Although I probably would not say that I Suffer from this disorder.

Sometimes it's nice while sitting and doing nothing, to enjoy a movie inside my head.

Complete strangers may wonder why I am smiling sometimes. But seeing as they are complete strangers, why should I care what they think!

There is one drawback to this disease.

It is coming to the realization that perhaps watching TV with my 6 year old should no longer be an option in my life.

The reason for this decision

While sitting at my computer the lines running through my head.....



It's a problem.


wampumqueen said...

I have the same disease! I have passed it on to my children and I think my husband has it too so there is no hope for our family. I don't know where it came from because the parents and sister don't have it.

Dame Keyz said...
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Dame Keyz said...

Dear Bob! I, too suffer from the same affliction. I believe it may be an epidemic in some areas. And, television with children is strictly prohibited; as those darn shows can be super catchy.

Crissie said...

Man has not evolved an inch from the primordial slime that spawned him.

MissingLink said...

This is hilarious! My family is notorious for speaking in movie quotes so I am now very happy that I have found the name for this disorder!!

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