Sunday, May 31, 2009

Will you miss me?

Just wanted to prepare you all for my upcoming absence

You have had a short taste of life without Suzee's blog while we vacationed in the beautiful, cool, Park City, UT.
I am afraid this absence may be longer :~(
I am off to surgery tomorrow
Having my 100,000 mile overhaul
You know
girl surgery
I'm not sure how long it will be before I am able to sit long enough to entertain.
Do not fret!
I shall return :~)
While you wait, please feel free to peruse my archive
And enjoy the following photos of some of our more recent adventures!

We drove the extra long way so we could stop to see the Manti temple.
Definately my favorite, and in my opinion one of the prettiest!

In the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Murray.

Riding the Heber Creeper

Love this one! Silly girls and one grumpy boy in the back

We went trap shooting, I have the bruise to prove I fired a shot gun!

Cutest kid on earth blowing dandelions

Amid this sea of purlpe stands my number one baby boy being recognized for graduating in the top 5% of his class
Here he is all decked out with his NHS collar, medal, and all the cords that represent his academic honors!

Track banquet, 3 cute girls with their throwing coach.
P.S. My little girl currently holds the school record for discus
oh, and she's the super cute one in the middle!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hungry Monster Takes A Holiday

Heading out on his very first vacation.

Oh yum! It's the Denny's in Page. What a great place to stop for dinner!

Halfway there! Stopped for the night Hungry gets to sleep with the boys.

Bryce Canyon visitors center.

Sight seeing at Bryce Canyon. Not to worry. Hungry is not the one who pooped on this post.

Be very nice to this guy. He shoots furry things

Like this mountain lion,

and this big elk!

Driving the ranger

Ice cream shakes at Dairy Keen! It's tradition!

Hungry gets to meet Grandma and Grandpa

Hot tubbing! This is the life!

Hungry playing video games.

Hungry rides the Heber Creeper.

Ahh, yes. Relaxing by the pool, working on his tan.

Pizza on Main Street, with the Jepperson's

Hangin' with his Homie

Ohh! Fast food! Donuts, in the car.

On his way home, at last! He can't wait to get back to his life in the desert. Back to the lady with whom he actually belongs!

Thanks for hanging with us Hungry.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday funny

I'm feeling a little goofy and so decided that I would share with you my most favorite joke of all time.

A guy walks in to a psychiatrists office wearing nothing but a pair of shorts made of saran wrap.
The psychiatrist looks at him and says
"Well, I can clearly see your nuts."
Bada bing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fabulous Fuchsia Follicles

Yes! I ACTUALLY did it!
I snapped some pictures while I was sitting in the truck waiting to pick up thing three from school. In the sun you can definitely see the pink. At the last second I remembered that I had a ring pop in my mouth, so tried to pull it out before people thought I was sucking on a binky. LOL

Personally, I LOVE my hair!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

They call me MOM

You might call me crazy
But I really do not like this holiday we call "Mother's Day"
Allow me to explain

Sunday morning:
Along with gathering my lesson materials, shower, make-up, hair, wardrobe decisions, all of which I have a time management planned for, I suddenly am expected to eat breakfast (something I never do on Sun. morning. I usually eat a banana on the way to church.) and sit down while the family presents me with cards and a gift.
Please don't think I am ungrateful! For I truly am.
No, I am embarrassed by the fuss.
I love this little group of people I call MINE. There is not one thing that I do for them for which I desire to be compensated in any way, shape or form.
Perhaps if I did not not care for them so much I might desire the praise and attention.
It's off to church where the talks will no doubt reflect on the role of woman and mother.
I sit in our chapel and am overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.
I am not as kind
I am not as good
I am not as perfect
loving, tender, sweet, etc. etc. etc.
I can never be what all these speakers orate about. I am just me. Wacky, free-spirited, flying by the seat of my pants more often than not. That pedestal is far too lofty for me.
And finally:
Despite all the things I've said so far, I will still end up feeling disappointed with those I love most on this day.
Somehow, I will expect that this time truly will be a break from the work.
My hubby and children will step up this time and take care of those task usually allocated just to me. Sadly, inevitably, they will still be my tasks. And I will once again feel guilty for expecting more.

Did that all just sound like gloom and doom?
That is not the mood with which I approached this post!
So, to brighten things up I want to share some fun pictures with you.
Years ago a friend gave me a book titled "Mother".
It's a picture book, or coffee table book.
It was created by a super talented photographer named Judy Olausen.
If any of you reuse these pictures off my site, please be sure and give her the credit she deserves! Especially since I am probably breaking all kinds of copyright laws.
The subject in the book is actually her own mother. She says of her that she discovered her mother to have a 'rubber face'. An ability to convey any and all emotion.
I have laughed at the pictures in this book more times than I can tell you. While the book is really about the role of mothers and women in the 50's, I believe that mothers now can still relate to certain pictures.
So now I share with you 3 of my favorites!

"Mother goes to Market"
Oh can I ever relate! Yes, this too is my cross to bear!

"Return to Sender"
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Need I say more?

"Domestic Hoofer"
Yes. Yes, I am.
Happy Mother's Day anyway!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Going to brag? You better believe it!

Do I have your attention?
Is everyone listening (or rather reading) closely?
I am pleased and especially thrilled to announce to all of you that the winners of the Arizona Desert West Region Track and Field for the girls is
Sunrise Mountain High School!
The winners of the Arizona Desert West Region Track and Field for the boys is
Sunrise Mountain High School!

Yes, this is the first time that both the boys and the girls teams have won together!
Congratulations all of you amazing athletes!
Congratulations all of you stupendous coaches!
And for my number on baby boy, I am so proud of you!
So that everyone will know, the boys 4x800 relay team, of which my son was a part, took first place!
Way to go Mustangs!
You rock!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well said

I recently read this.
No, seriously, you NEED to click on this and read this.
I believe that this applies not just to those odd, random comments, but also to those bloggers out there who feel the need to spew venom on their blogs.
I am not talking about the kind of venom we all occasionally throw out there regarding something we found to be crummy in life. Sometimes we need this outlet to get those things out of our head.
No, instead I refer to the venom posted by bloggers about other bloggers or so called "friends". Sad sad sad
Now read this and let me give you a hug.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Tonight we had a ward talent show.

For those of you who know my husband, you'll know how much he hates to be in the limelight! I know. We're completely opposite! Unfortunately for him, the Bishop decided they needed to do something for this event. So.......

I proudly present to you, my fellow bloggers, the Lake Pleasant Ward Bishopric as The Three Amigos!