Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well said

I recently read this.
No, seriously, you NEED to click on this and read this.
I believe that this applies not just to those odd, random comments, but also to those bloggers out there who feel the need to spew venom on their blogs.
I am not talking about the kind of venom we all occasionally throw out there regarding something we found to be crummy in life. Sometimes we need this outlet to get those things out of our head.
No, instead I refer to the venom posted by bloggers about other bloggers or so called "friends". Sad sad sad
Now read this and let me give you a hug.


Shawn said...

I love it, and it is so true! What an amazing blog!! I think I might have to keep up with that one too! Thanks! :o)

Crissie said...

I'd read that yesterday and I think it's just sad that folks feel the need to leave vicious comments. As a blogger, I love to read the comments that readers leave and it would be so hurtful to see something mean. Really, if you don't like what someone blogs about, stop visiting!

Stephanie said...

Well said Suzee!