Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At Last!

I did it!
Yes I did!
The Queen of Procrastination!
Master of make do.
The lady with a 1000 unfinished projects!
I lit a fire under my butt last week and actually took this chair, that I started back March, from looking like this:
TaDa! This!
In all fairness to myself, while working on this chair, the staple gun died. I was unable to finish it. Also I had to return "Ricky's compressor"! Ooh. did that sound bitter? Because it tasted an awful lot like sour grapes to me! But that, my dear friends, is a completely different story.
Any who. One day last week, I loaded the chair in the back of my truck and hauled it my friend Pat's house. I used her compressor and staple gun to finish the remaining side and enlisted her help to sew my cushion. I was actually afraid to tackle that part by myself.
Am I patting myself on the back?
Yes I am!
For those of you who want to know, yes my mom was with me in spirit while worked on this chair. Yes, she is proud of me. But, she also said I didn't do it right. Hey, I told her, if she wanted perfection, she should have been here to do it for me!
Oh, there is still room for you to pat my back as well!
Hee hee hee

Idle Threats

I received a threatening note in my e-mail a couple of days ago.
This is not a joke!
I'm serious!
Someone, I'll shall not tell you her name, sent me a note promising to make a trip to Phoenix to kill me if I didn't update my blog.
Let us keep in mind that she is mere blog lurker.
Nary a comment does she make, and yet feels it is her duty to remind of my complete and total disregard of my blog.
I wondered, if I didn't write some small missive if this could actually work to entice her up for a visit. I do miss this person VERY much! I would love the chance for a short visit.
However, upon further pondering, I realized that the rest of our friends would not come to my funeral because they would be visiting HER in prison.
If I were not dead, I would be visiting her there as well.
She could always plead the defense of justifiable homicide.
After all, I have been denying her a chance to see in to my simple life, and insane mind, by not throwing out even a short entry for *gasp* 2 months!
It's a record. I think.
I promise that I shall return with another entry later tonight.
But now, I am off to do the dreaded shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.