Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Idle Threats

I received a threatening note in my e-mail a couple of days ago.
This is not a joke!
I'm serious!
Someone, I'll shall not tell you her name, sent me a note promising to make a trip to Phoenix to kill me if I didn't update my blog.
Let us keep in mind that she is mere blog lurker.
Nary a comment does she make, and yet feels it is her duty to remind of my complete and total disregard of my blog.
I wondered, if I didn't write some small missive if this could actually work to entice her up for a visit. I do miss this person VERY much! I would love the chance for a short visit.
However, upon further pondering, I realized that the rest of our friends would not come to my funeral because they would be visiting HER in prison.
If I were not dead, I would be visiting her there as well.
She could always plead the defense of justifiable homicide.
After all, I have been denying her a chance to see in to my simple life, and insane mind, by not throwing out even a short entry for *gasp* 2 months!
It's a record. I think.
I promise that I shall return with another entry later tonight.
But now, I am off to do the dreaded shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

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