Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hungry Monster Takes A Holiday

Heading out on his very first vacation.

Oh yum! It's the Denny's in Page. What a great place to stop for dinner!

Halfway there! Stopped for the night Hungry gets to sleep with the boys.

Bryce Canyon visitors center.

Sight seeing at Bryce Canyon. Not to worry. Hungry is not the one who pooped on this post.

Be very nice to this guy. He shoots furry things

Like this mountain lion,

and this big elk!

Driving the ranger

Ice cream shakes at Dairy Keen! It's tradition!

Hungry gets to meet Grandma and Grandpa

Hot tubbing! This is the life!

Hungry playing video games.

Hungry rides the Heber Creeper.

Ahh, yes. Relaxing by the pool, working on his tan.

Pizza on Main Street, with the Jepperson's

Hangin' with his Homie

Ohh! Fast food! Donuts, in the car.

On his way home, at last! He can't wait to get back to his life in the desert. Back to the lady with whom he actually belongs!

Thanks for hanging with us Hungry.


Crissie said...

Now that's a cute idea. I think I just might find my own little something to take on vacation. Now, what should it be?....

AB said...

You crack me up!

Shawn said...

That so cute! It's like the roaming gnome, but it was the little hungry guy! So fun!