Monday, June 15, 2009

With Honor

Home at last!
My nephew returned from serving 2 years in the Columbia, South Carolina mission. After spending his entire day Thursday in the airport with flights being cancelled and then delayed, he finally made it home after 11pm. Note, that's 12 hours later than he was originally supposed to arrive.
His poor mom.
Can you imagine what that must have been like!
You haven't seen your son in 2 years, and then waiting for him to be able to even get out of the airport! Ugh!
But, at last, he's here!
It was wonderful to get to see him!
I hugged him tight, and then hugged him again. And somehow managed to not cry.
Sunday we got to listen to him report on his mission.
What an amazing experience he had!
He saw lots of conversions, made new and eternal friends,
and most importantly, he served and returned with honor.
I am so proud of you Josh!
I love you!
I'll post a pic as soon as I get someone to send me one.
What can I say. I'm still loopy from surgery and didn't take any photos myself.

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Crissie said...

Your turn is just around the corner...
How did our kids manage to grow up so fast while we remain so fresh and youthful? Weird!