Monday, April 6, 2009

Time for a new post?

Hmm...I got on here tonight to see what all my favorite bloggers are doing, and discovered a new comment on my very old post. Someone actually told me it was time for a new post!
Like I didn't know that!
I actually went to get the camera today so I could take a bunch of photos and show everyone why I have not been writing lately. Only to discover that my hubby had taken the camera with him to work.
What could he possibly need the camera for?
I realize that it is his camera, (mine officially bit the dust about four months ago) but come on!
Doesn't he know that I need his camera in order to document my exciting life? Or rather the lack of excitement in my life.
So, since I have no pictures, I'll share some comedy with everyone instead!
By the way, the first few jokes are exactly what I was thinking!


Shawn said...

Oh my gosh that lady is hillarious! Too funny!

Crissie said...

About time! LOL