Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am my mother after all

I know you have been wondering where I've been. What I have been doing.
I am at times overcome by the desire to create.
To bring order where there is chaos.
To bring color and beauty to an otherwise drab room.
I remember well watching my mother do this same sort of thing in our house when I was a little girl. Every year she rearranged the furniture in the living room. I think that was because she couldn't afford to make it look the way she envisioned. She did what she could to make it look fresh and new.
Later, she had the means and the skill to finally do the thing she had always wanted to do to her home. She surrounded herself in color. In beautiful fabrics. In well placed pieces of art.
I don't remember her ever teaching me to sew. More like she answered my questions when I couldn't understand what a pattern was telling me to do.
Now, I too create!
Sometimes that creative nature lends itself more to writing for my blog.
Not lately.
I have been very busy.
In between running back and forth to preschool, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, watching track meets, runs to the library, and nail clients

I sewed a valance for my laundry room

Painted my laundry room this amazing lime green!

Framed and hung some of Dan's original art.
(No, he didn't do the Steinlen. It just works there because of the black frame)

Sewed a balloon valance for my shop.

Finally finished My Art Gallery!

More of My Gallery

Pulled off the old fringe that was on this lamp and glued on this fabulous,
french, eyelash and beaded trim!

Cleaned and organized the computer table, and made a table runner
to match my valance.

Finally started on my throw pillows for my living room sofa!

And made this fabulous pillow for the dumpy Queen Ann chair in my shop.
This chair is going to be the next big project that I tackle. You can see the fabric
I chose to reupholster it in. I pinned a scrap of it to the chair so I could see what
it was going to look like.

Oh, I also finished three Dean Koontz novels!
And I wonder why my husband gets upset with me.
Poor man just didn't realize that I intended to make him a widower while I was still alive!


Crissie said...

DANG, GIRL! First I have to say that your lime green laundry room is fabulous! Then I gotta say that I MUST find a lamp to put that eyelash fringe on. Way cute!
Can't wait to see that dumpy old chair with new life breathed into it. Our mommy would be so proud :)

Erin said...

Everything looks so good! I especially love the laundry room. I think you need to come over and start on my house!

Les said...

I loved all of it, but especially your laundry room. I would totally be caught up on my laundry if I had a room like that!

The Crouse House said...

U R AMAZING! Love the lime green laundry room and valance!

Stephanie said...

Your laundry room turned out perfectly. I can't wait for you to help me with my table - I think I'm going to wait 'till it gets cooler again (the polyurethane that I want to use on it is supposed to be used in under 80 degree weather).

It makes me happy to have amazingly talented friends.

Shawn said...

Your laundry room is amazing! I never thought to paint that room, but it makes sense! If you have to be in there, might as well make it an ejoyable experience! You're amazing!