Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Past

I have been sitting here for awhile, reading through my list of blogs.
Seeing what every ones Easter was like.
One commonality
Seriously, who invented that crap?

I am sure it's origins must be from the same people who make the tinsel for Christmas trees. Think about it! It's the exact same concept! Only shinier!

My mother banned the use of Easter grass in our home when I was still a little girl.
I can remember her talking about the vile stuff. How she would still be vacuuming pieces of it out of the carpet 3 months later.
The same thing went for Christmas tinsel. You would find nary a strand in our house, and for the same reason.

Obviously these things were made by a man who never had to clean and vacuum a room in his entire life!Sorry. This is the only pic I have of a man vacuuming! Guess it's a rare event!
There was another Easter tradition that was swiftly altered in our childhood home.

The Easter Eggs!

I was too young to remember this. I do believe there is 'mental image' residing in my mind of "THE EVENT!"

My mom worked very hard at creating beautifully colored eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for my sisters and me. She arose from her bed one Easter morning to find that ALL of the eggs had been stomped on! Smashed to create a bright mosaic of the carpet in the family room!This picture is pretty! This picture is outside! This is not what we did! I know this destruction was not my idea. I was incapable of coming up with such a thought. The same could not be said for my oldest sister Beverly! There is no doubt that she was the instigator in this. I can almost hear her now. "Look at this! See how much fun this is! See how pretty these eggs look when we stomp them into the carpet!"
"See how ugly the 70's avocado green carpet is?"

"We will make it pretty! Stomp with me sisters! Oh, what fun we are having!"I wonder how old we were the year of THE EGGS. I wish we had thought to clarify that with our Mom before she passed away. In my mind I see us as being maybe a couple of years older than in this picture. You can easily see the the cunning and devious ideas already forming in Beverly's mind!

Oh what fun we had following in her lead!

Postscript: I sent this to Bev, and since she cannot leave a comment on my blog I thought I would share with you what she had to say.

Let me tell you of my memories of how those eggs made the most delightful POP sound as I jumped on them. I really have no clue why I did this, if the 1st time was an accident.
Don’t forget that horrible carpet was nylon & it was LOOPED so no amount of cleaning got it out. Mom did let me know that because of this is 1 of the reasons she tore the carpet out. The smell never went away!!
Thus.. I was blessed with Kaity

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Crissie said...

LOL! I don't remember any of that either, except for the telling of it. Aren't you surprised we made it to adulthood? Between things like Easter eggs smashed into carpet, paint spilled in the hallway, all the dishes we broke, etc, etc, it's a miracle she let us live!