Monday, April 27, 2009

Are you serious?

I am so glad my hubby spent a bunch of money so could attend nail school,what was it? Something like 13 years ago? One of the greatest perks to having and renewing my nail license every year is being able to shop in the professional beauty supply stores, and purchase everything at cost. Love my Matrix! My Big Sexy Hair!
Yes, that is actually a brand.
Then there are those times I like to browse while I'm there and see what new nail things they might have.
Saturday I went and bought this. The new color/glitter, and these other little jars with itty bitty decal type designs in them.
And I did this with them! Is this the cutest ever or what?
Some of you have asked if I went and got fuchsia highlights in my hair.
Not yet.
This is the current color. You can see we highlighted it and she put in some red violet low lights.
But while I was at the beauty supply store I also bought THISMy number 3 child just saw it. She picked it up to see what it was and said... (see title of this post).
Yes thing 3.
I am insane
But I am serious
Just wait until next week!

I love aprons! Just one more thing for me to to be OCD about. I see super cute patterns and aprons while shopping and can't help but obsess over them.
I want them all!
I want to recreate what I see in the stores. Make them my own!
I have been coveting a delightfully retro apron at Kirkland Home.
Finally broke down and used the last of a gift card I've been saving, and bought it.

So, here is your sneak peak at what I am currently creating!

Sorry. These little beauties are already destined to live with someone else. Two someone elses, actually!


Crissie said...

Holy Nail Chick, Batman! I am totally hatin' right are way cool with those yummy nails. I swear, you must be on the go from sun up to sun down.
I really love that Kirkland Home apron! It's dang cute. I feel so violated that some stupid teenage kid took my aprons of awesomeness.

Crissie said...

And I totally want you to do that to my nails this summer before my vacation!!

Carrot Jello said...

Love your hair.
My husband wants me to have that color.
Alas, I am too afraid.
I'm dark brown.

Shawn said...

Oh my goodness lady! You are so talented! I want my nails to look that awesome! I'm going to have to make an appointment with you!