Monday, March 23, 2009

What's wrong with you people?

Seriously! I know you all have talent, you're just hiding behind your blogs, aren't you.
I know you all really want me to share one of mine with you.
Since I am such an amazingly nice, caring, giving (not to mention modest),person I've decided to share even if you don't!
So, new rule! My very own. Leave me a comment, first three for sure (if I'm feeling really generous I just might do more). I will then send you one of my super cute tea towel aprons.

Here you can see Crissie wearing the one I gave her at Christmas. Try not to be distracted by the flash of her wedding bling!
Choose to pay it forward or not. (See post below) It's up to you.


Leigh said...

I'll make you something....I swear. I am super handy with a glue gun.....and I grow things...things that you can eat, and things that look pretty.

Crissie said...

Hey! I'll take a second apron. I totally LURVE the one you made me for Christmas :) and just so you know, I did post a comment on the other post

aristella said...

Hey!! Bet you didnt know that i was a secret follower of your blog! :)

Carrot Jello said...

Darn it. I had to take my daughters to a church thing.

Stephanie said...

Man oh Man! I want one!

Carrot Jello said...

Time for a new post.