Friday, March 13, 2009

Ode to my HOA

So wrongly despised by all
Judging what may be displayed
what color or how tall.
As I made a short drive
just one neighborhood over
discovering grass is not really so green
and neither is the clover.

My thanks I gave for sameness
tho' some may call it Art
If I were to say what I think of this...
No, I'm not sure where I should even start!

Yes folks, this is for real!
Today I went to see a friend. Upon parking the truck, I stopped to gather my things and when I looked up...Well Holy Cow! There is a GIANT head in that yard! I made sure to leave part of this person's truck in the photo so you could see just how large the head was.


This is not all!

This is just the side of the yard!
No I was only momentarily stunned by the enormity of this piece of sculpture.

At last I turned my head to view the front of the house.

Yes, Art takes on many forms.

Does it all have to reside together in ONE yard?

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Oh yes! Definitely!
I believe these are Siamese twins who have given birth. Oh No! Stop them! They're multiplying!

Talking with my friend who lives across the street from all this culture, I was able to get her interpretation of this this piece. Now, maybe it comes from the role of woman and mother, but she believes this is a baby emerging from the birth canal. Hmm...? Perhaps she is correct.

Ah yes! Another disturbing piece. I wonder if this isn't an interpretive version of "The Blob". Do you see it? The light gray represents The Blob. We can clearly see that it has consumed a small child and half of a black Jesus.

Oh, I am definitely going to hell now.


This represents each of us. Notice the tilt of the head. This is the same tilt you make while viewing this yard.

The puzzled expression. Also made by you, the viewer, in response to this display.


Lest you imagine that the enormous head resides by his self, a social pariah, cast out because of his size.

Not so! He has company! Another misfit.

I believe he comes from a small tribe of warriors that resides somewhere far far away. No you have never heard of this place. From infancy they place weights on the end of their noses in order to stretch them. Thereby ensuring the ability to place the end of your nose on the top of your head. Animal tusks are later inserted into the the cheek bones to complete the look.

Although they run around naked, this guy is clearly modest. He works hard at keeping his hand carefully placed over his junk so as not to frighten small children, or offend the neighbors!

For all of you who have ever complained about the neighbors who reside around you... Remember It can always be worse!


Crissie said...

ROFL! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the pictures. Let this be a reminder to all to ALWAYS take the camera on even the shortest of trips.

Les said...

I must be really weird because I actually think that it's really cool.

Suzee said...

Oh Leslie! Of course you're really weird! That is why you were and always will be, my favorite VT companion! LOL

AB said...

OMG. That is a lot of sculpture for one yard.

Margaret said...

Someone either travels a lot or there is an artist hiding behind the curtains. but it made you look now, didn't it....

Brittany said...

SERIOUSLY! I was tearing up from this. That was so funny. I could not live across the street from that. Could you just imagine what they have in their backyard?!

Erin said...

I can't believe those people are getting away with that yard! It's hideous!!

Naughty Newbee's said...

LMBOROTF!! That is a pretty cleaver idea...would never think to do something like that but I'm with Les, it is kind of cool.. LOL :)

Carrot Jello said...

I'm thinking this is just a garage sale and they hadn't put the signs out yet.
At least, I'm hoping it is.