Monday, November 24, 2008


*Open your pictures file on your computer

*Grab the fourth picture in the fourth file!

*Now Post it and blog what you remember about that picture.

I took this picture in July of 2006. A super sweet, young friend of mine was having a baby girl. I found this old glider rocker that someone was getting rid of, and painted and reupholstered it in her chosen nursery colors! Is it not the BOMB or what!

Now I tag Crissie, Rachel, Erin, and Lynsee (cuz she need to post something new on her blog!)


Leigh said...

Great job! I have an old chair I have put off give me motivation to maybe look for fabric at least! Or, hey, can I just send it to your house for a face lift?

Anonymous said...

You know Suz, you never cease to amaze me. Your talents grow and grow. All the more facinating when I think of how you didn't start developing them until you were an adult. You are incredible. And I am prepared to continue to be amazed by my sister.

Crissie said...

That is the BOMB! We mere regular folks stand in awe of people like you. Now who knows what silly thing will be my 4th pic in the
4th folder that I have to blog about.

CandraWynne said...

I'm SOOO thankful that I was the recipient of that BEAUTIFUL chair. I got so many compliments on it and love it so much!!

Michelle said...

Wow Suzie! That looks awesome, you're so talented and creative! Great job