Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture perfect & Thanksgiving wrap up!

When I was a little girl my mom made candied yams for Thanksgiving dinner every year. They are one of the Lundberg family traditional foods. However, I think every year, my mom would end up slightly burning the marshmallows that went on top of the yams. Probably because they are one of the last things you do right before you sit down to eat. You know, when you are making gravy, setting all the food on the table, carving the turkey, etc. All while you are supposed to be keeping an eye on the marshmallows toasting! Oh the fond memories I have of mom yelling and throwing in a sh** or two, or three, as she pulled her smoking yams from the oven. I will admit that in my time I have also over toasted them a time or two.
Ahh...but this year, Perfection!

The night before is always my pie night! This year Dan pushed a chair over to the counter to help. As you can see, my other little boy had to see what we were all doing in the kitchen!

Our Thanksgiving Table

I know...I cheat by using paper plates on my table...what can I say. After cooking all day, and washing the dishes, also all day, I am done! The kids set the table this year. Personally I wouldn't have gone with the purple goblets on my rust colored tablecloth...

And finally...More goofing around brought to you by Sarah and Daniel!

The things we are Thankful for this year!

I am thankful for my family, and for my truck (wonder who said this...Sam?),For Butterfingers candy bars, And for colors! For paint and Art! I am thankful to have dinner at Jim and Suzee's, and for books, and for my Spiderman blanket. I am thankful for my education, for the scriptures ...that we can know what to look for and be glad. I am thankful for sitting by the fire at night with my family members, my job, and for pie! Lots and lots of pie! I am thankful for a bed, for my children, for the gospel and the priesthood, and for the knowledge that on Thanksgiving I can eat anything I want! I am thankful for our country, and for my iPod, my friends, and for music. I am thankful for my hubby who works so hard for our us, and for kitties who like me. I am thankful for David's strength, Jim's determination, Suzee's creative abilities, Sarah's smile, Sam's quietness, Kacie's giggle, Daniel's exuberance, and for Bonnie's kindness. I am thankful for this economy that will humble many people and turn them back to our Prophet's council. I am thankful for seminary, soft kitties that purr, and for a living prophet and apostles. I am thankful for being able to work and having work to do, for my testimony, and for school. I am thankful for my Saviors plan of happiness, our church leaders who teach us to have peace from our hope in Christ. I am thankful for makeup, and for my talents, to live in Arizona, and for good health. I am thankful for the air we breath, and rain to sustain life. I am thankful for the pretty clouds today. for my taste buds so I can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, and finally, for Texting!


Crissie said...

AAHHH, so that is where I inherited the tendency to burn the marshmallows on the it all makes sense! Your table looks wonderful (even with the lovely purple goblets) and I'm wishing my hubby would have wanted to take a road trip.
I love your family's new list of things you are thankfull for.

Margaret said...

Beautifully written. You are a master writer and storyteller.
-I want to clarify more for you... I want a more mature blog. One about real things. Not something to hide behind.

Brittany said...

Are you a lundberg? I didn't know that. I know a TON of them. Are you related to any here in the valley?

Great thanksgiving post.

Leigh said...

Your table looked beautiful, I happen to like the purple gobblets!

The Pribyl's said...

I do paper, too!! I just use the "chargers" underneath!:) Texting is on the top of my list, also!