Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Past! ...and somthing for Leigh

It's Christmas time! Time for baking, for shopping, and especially time for Family!
In honor of this amazing holiday I thought I'd share with you some fun snapshots of my childhood. Please, feel free to laugh with me, not at me!

I can assume that this must be Suzee's first Christmas. Not a bad looking Santa, unlike this next one! Oh my gosh! Can you say unhappy? How about "I hate my Job"? Sure. I knew you could. No wonder poor Margaret is crying. The rest of just were not smart enough to realize we were sitting on the lap of the worst Santa in mall history! Oh, and you have got to love the candy cane on my nose.

This is my sister Beverly, followed by Margaret. Do you love the 70"s Christmas tree? Groovy!

And let us not forget about Dad. Keep in mind that at this point he had 3 little girls, not a boy in sight, nor was there ever to be one. Toy car? Well, I think Dad put something under the tree every year that he "claimed" was for us girls, but that he himself had purchased so he would have something to play with also. (The race car track comes to mind...)I think I always had my tongue sticking out as a little girl. Probably developing it for it's future use of lots of talking! Can't see my tongue in this next picture? I guess because I was licking the window frame of this awesome bike/wagon.Perhaps you are wondering where Crissie is? Well, finally she makes an appearance in the few family snapshots we have our childhood Christmases.Isn't she adorable? My Mom made us the pajamas. This was Christmas eve. Oh look! Did I hear Santa on the rooftop? Everyone else seems to think so. Except, of course, me. Can't decide if I was just a little slow to understand, or if I was always just a little bit off from what the rest of my sisters were doing.

Christmas morning...I don't know if this was Beverly's or Margaret's record player. If it was Margaret's, then Bev was just being Bev and taking over everything! Big sisters! And one of Mom that morning. Margaret looks exactly like Mom! I swear, if I showed you a picture you'd ask 'Is that Holly?'

Finally, something for Leigh. She thought she was an only child growing up. Technically she was. Leigh lived across the street from us our whole life! (Until my family moved in 86) She is the same age as Margaret, was one of her best friends growing up, and so was always at our house. She recently found Crissie on facebook and so has joined our little blogging world. I guess you could say it's like having her across the street again! After reading one of her older posts last night, She was on my mind this morning. I was thinking about the way we treated her as if she was one of us. You know, teased and picked on her just like she was a sister. Then I remembered that I had this picture. It proves that she was part of the family. It is Christmas morning. The gifts are still scattered through the living room, and we are playing with the bounty that Santa brought. This was a Polaroid picture and someone wrote on the photo (probably Mom) to document who was who.See...just another one of the girls! It's good to have you back in the neighborhood!


Margaret said...

Oh, Suzee! Pulling out the horrors of past photos. You didn't even bother to photoshop them. Oh well. But we all know that you are such a softy at heart. You always were. And you seem to be able to make everything more fun. Wow. You really are a great sister!

Stephanie said...

Such beautiful pictures. This is the reason why we are documenting everything that Annie does with photos.

Crissie said...

Well, the power is still out but I just say Thank Goodness for Jason's laptop and wireless internet card! Loved the flashback...and yes, Margaret does look just like mom.

I'm sitting here wondering what you did to make your words so big on your blog. Is it some kind of hack?

Suzee said...

No hack...when you are typing a post next time look at the top left next to your font type there is a place to change the size of your words! Pretty nifty huh! Makes your blog much more fun and puts highlight on the things you want to make fun and have POP!
It make this blog more what I want it to be...a kind of scrappy documentation into my life!

Leigh said...

Are we playing Mouse Trap there? Seeing those pictures brought back a lot of memories!

And yes, you all teased me unmercifully. Did you know your parents hung me upside down by my ancles in the grocery store and your mom threatened to mop the floor with my hair?

I guess I will start signing all my posts "Ug".

Thank you all for being my surrogate sisters and family!