Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas miracle!

Did I say Christmas miracle? Why yes, I did! I know what you're probably thinking. Jim went out and bought me the perfect gift without me telling him exactly what the perfect gift is. No, that's not it. Of course that would be a miracle too!

My miracle is much more simple than that. Are you ready for this? I know you're sitting down (unless you prefer to blog surf on the run and are standing at your desk right now).

I actually did my nails!

This sounds like such a simple thing to you. But let me just tell you that this is a classic example of the cobbler's kids needing shoes. When you are a nail tech, and work on other people's nails for a living, the last thing you want to do when you actually have time...your own nails! My family and clients will right now be gripping their chair seats to keep from falling off of them.
I feel like Tiny Tim. "God bless us. Everyone!" See how festive!
Have you ever tried to take a picture of your nails? It's not easy! Try it sometime. Jim is the only other person home right now (besides Dan, and being 4 1/2 I doubt his ability to operate a camera!) and I wasn't about to ask him to take a picture of my nails for me. He already thinks I'm whacked for taking a picture of my candied yams at Thanksgiving. (It's a blogger thing honey. You wouldn't understand.)
I didn't want to be outdone by Crissie so here is a picture of my kitty too! He is also feeling festive. He "dove" into this garland and looked so cute and Christmasy I had to document it. I just wish the photos had turned out a little clearer. Again, have you ever tried to take a picture of a cat...


Margaret said...

OOOHH! Lookie. I'm the first person here. (Maybe that's because I knew you were just finishing that blog)
So, what can I say? Our Suzee has talent. You always make peoples finernails look so pretty, that's why they keep coming back to see you. And I think you should give Dan the camera. You never know what kind of art a little boy who's 4 3/4 old can make.

The Pribyl's said...

Love the nails!!!! And understand the "miracle"...has my husband, who owns a fire protections company, ever serviced our fire sprinklers....NO!!!

Naughty Newbee's said...

I didn't know you did nails!! Well, that is some good info. just in case one day my lady decides to quit or something. I have had the same nail lady for 11 years!! I know it is crazy uh? Love the nails though very festive :)