Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween @ the Jones Home and other stuff

It's November and I'm last blogger on the block to post their Halloween pictures! Honestly, this is not my fault. I used Jim's camera for Halloween and he hides it in his bag, then takes said bag to work with him everyday!
This year Dan decided he wanted to be a robot. I had fun making his costume. I decided that robots should have lights on them. I found some great battery powered lights and got Sam to spray paint them silver for me. I wish you could see in a picture how great they actually looked. I also got some spare electrical parts from my friendly electrician Wes, and hot glued on wires, an old circuit board and a small electronic cooling fan.
He wore his costume at the Ward Halloween party/camp out. I later discovered that the box was actually too long for him and he could barely walk! I had to cut it down for actual Trick or Treating. The funny part is his dryer vent legs. They wouldn't stay up. So he ended up looking rather goofy, like he was wearing metallic leg warmers! LOL It's a bad 80's kind of robot!

We had fun carving our pumpkin this year. Too bad Sarah wasn't there for this. See, that's what happens when your children start to grow up and have their own lives!

The finished result!

Of course it wouldn't be the Jones home without some crazy antics going on during the carving!

These are just a couple of the neighborhood dogs! I thought they looked too cute in their costumes so wanted to add them in to my blog! Aren't people just a tad psycho dressing up their dogs?

And this is my friend and neighbor Shawn. Her costume can either be described as fun or decide. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what I wore this year, I covered my shirt in those "Hello my name is.." stickers. Each sticker had a different name on it. I was an Identity Crisis. ha ha ha Sorry I don't have a picture.

In other news... we passed proposition 102 yesterday! Hurray! Prop 102 creates legislation that states that a marriage will be defined as between one man and one woman. I am glad that Arizonans recognized the sanctity of marriage and the importance of protecting the family.

While that is good news, we have to deal with the peoples choice for our new President..... Ummm...I'm not even going to go there tonight. Maybe in a future blog, one talking about the general stupidity ( maybe it's more like the gullibility) of America.....

To end this lengthy post, here is something fun and super cheerful! Bonnie gave us this cute little pop up cat house. We've had it for awhile now. It sits on the floor in my family room. One day, out of the blue, Dan asked "Can I get in that?" I don't know Dan. Can you ? I guess so! At least part of him can.


Les said...

I love seeing your pictures. Your kids are way too much like you. Identity crisis? That is hilarious! I was a lame-o and didn't dress up this year. Maybe next year...

Margaret said...

It looks like great fun. Dan's costume looked real good. But when the dryer vent tubes were around his ankles, he sort of reminded me of the shape of sponge bob. Now that would be scary to see. -(Tell Kacie that she makes the cutest faces!)

Crissie said...

Kacie is such a photo bomber! Good thing she's so cute! I am so envious that you got so many scrap pages done!! HMMM, maybe I could take a little credit in the fact that I introduced you to Photoshop?
I did not dress up for Halloween. My kids did not dress up for Halloween. And to think this is my favorite holiday. I feel so empty inside.