Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This past weekend we went camping with our Ward up in Prescott. It was beautiful and cold at night! Down to about 35. We took lots of blankets and sleeping bags for everybody. Dan slept great. So did Kacie. She has a super thick sleeping bag, and she pulled it over her head and was out all night. Not me! Sam misplaced (lost?) our cold weather, mummy bags. Left them with one scout leader or another, and didn't bother to remember or tell us until it was to late to track them down. Jim has a great sleeping bag also. I got Sam's. Not a cold weather bag! I think if Crissie gets a space heater to take camping I'm sleeping in her tent next time too!

This is Kacie and her friend Kylee. Kacie is being a big goofball. Go figure.

Olivia, Jared, his friend Jordan, and Dan. I think this is what the guys did the whole time. Sat in the chairs, ate halloween candy, and just hung out.

See what I mean. My nephews Jared & Jacob.

This is Piper and Annie. A couple of super cute little girls in my Ward. I just love that they're playing in the dirt. Give them 8 years and they won't want to do this again!

See! This is Crissie's step daughter Samantha, the one with the really cool face painting, and her friend, also a Jordan. Do they look like they're having fun? "Like, I am so done with this."

My favorite photo from the camp out, Dan and Olivia. She is such a cutie. She took great care of Dan and played with him most of the day on Saturday.

Finally, he fell asleep just before we got home. I wish this picture showed the chocolaty drool that was on the other side Dan's face! I snapped this as we pulled in to the driveway.


Crissie said...

Looks like you got all the good pictures. My boys wouldn't have sat still for me to get a shot of them together...glad you were there with your camera :)

Stephanie said...

I'm going to link to your pictures on my blog so that I can be lazy and not post any pictures. I love that you got a picture of Annie and Piper in the dirt. She had soooo much fun!

Margaret said...

So, where did you go to camp? It looks habitable. -A prerequisite now that we've camped as a family. My own camping trip had so many rocks on the ground, and it rained while we were there. We got home feeling dirty and worn out. whew!

AB said...

What a fun ward! Good to see you guys here. Emma enjoyed hearing about you and Zac at the movies. She says "HI!"