Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's State Fair Time!

Today I got to go to the fair. One of Kacie's best friends is Jordan and she has great connections! Her grandparents are carnies, so we get to go for free! That's right, got to park in the special permit only area (free). Enter through the back (free). Ride the rides (free)! Oh it is so good to know people! Or maybe I should say it is so good to know Jordan! She rocks! Thanks Jo Jo, we had a great day.

This is everyone getting ready to ride G Force. Ok, everyone but me and Dan.

Kacie and Jordan on the Sky ride.

Spinning in the dragon

I love this one!

This is funny! Jordan and Chrissie getting ready to ride The Experience.

Than I actually managed to get a photo as the ride was starting to slow down.

As soon as I get the video uploaded I'll post it.


Crissie said...

Are you hurting today? I sure am. Thanks again for letting us tag along. I had a great time and the boys did too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the kids had fun. I love the picture of the kids coming down the slide. Kacie has her eyes close, enjoying herself. But Dan looks like he's sorry he took that trip up the stairs.

The Pribyl's said...

FREE??? So LUCKY!! We LOVE the fair! We are having some withdrawls this year, since x'ed the fair, due to a Disneyland trip next week. I'm missing the funnel cakes:(