Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here I am!

So I was reading my sister Margaret's blog, Confessions of a Sim addict, and after I got back in my chair (rofl) I figured I really was way over due in updating my blog! So here are all the things I've been photo documenting over the last week or so with the intent of adding them to my blog.

Sam's high school homecoming is this weekend (Go Sunrise Mountain Mustangs!) and the teens today make it much more complicated than when we were in school. You know back when dinosaurs walked the earth. Back then the homecoming dance was just another dance immediately following the football game that night. Dressing up for the dance might mean wearing a new sweater with you jeans. Today homecoming dances are held the following night, on Saturday, and the kids dress up, and go to dinner before the dance. Also, you can't just ask a girl to go with you while your at school (face to face). have to come up with something clever, posters, puzzles, talking bears, pickle jars, (ask me about that one later) to ask a date to homecoming. Sam asked this cute little girl named Lexi to go with him. Oh, and she's a Jones too! But not related to us! Apparently she has a huge aversion / phobia of balloons popping. So Sam made a poster asking her to go to homecoming with him and then she had to pop the balloons to find out who asked her. Kind of cruel, huh? She got him back. The next day her friend called and we arranged to get Sam out of the house so Lexi could come leave something for him. When Sam got home this is what he found.


Yes, cute poster, but that is 2 bags of peanuts spread all over his bed. Or should I say dumped out on his bed. Along with all the salt and dust that was in those bags! I thought it was funny.

Next on my list of fun things to add to my blog is this!

Dan and I went to Joann's to get fabric and I bought him a set of paint. We went home and got out the butcher paper so he could paint, but of course not without Indy's help! Dan actually kept yelling for me to come get Indy! But I thought it was cute, so instead I grabbed the camera! Grizzy wanted to know what was going on so she came to check it out also. Well, that and the fact that she's a freak and licks plastic bags, so the temptation of the huge plastic bag that I keep the butcher paper wrapped in was to big to resist. This was taken after she finished taste testing the plastic.
I promise I have more to tell you after this weekend. I've had an idea for blog post for awhile but can't add it until after the weekend. I'm sure you will all be sitting with great anticipation waiting for Monday morning!


Margaret said...

Oh yes... I love your family. I keep forgetting that Sam is so old. Sometimes I stil think of him when he was Dan's age, then when I see him I am surprised at how mature he looks. Ooops, don't tell him that.

Crissie said...

I was missing you, too! It's good to catch up. And I was wondering why you didn't invite me to the annual sacrificing of the virgin... I think we would have had lots of fun together.

The Pribyl's said...

I didn't realize Sam was old enough for Homecoming! Time is flying by! I'll have to ask Lexi (she is in my Laurel class) about how her balloon popping went!:)