Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Figured it was time to post something else, so here is something I did recently.

While searching the net for some cool nail art ideas I came across a new acrylic nail company called Young Nail. They have these really great c curve sticks that I used to put circle shapes in the white acrylic and then filled the circles with a purple acrylic.

And a close up shot.

Since it's finally cooling down at night Dan and I went out back to play and build a sandcastle in his sandbox. I think we did a great job!

The livestock and the truck were his idea, and the landscaping was my idea.
When Jim got home I took him out to show him what Dan and I did. Did he say good job? NOOO! Instead he said something like "You cut my bushes?" Umm....ya! I don't think I hurt anything by snipping off a couple of flowers! Men!


Brittany said...

that is very creative. Your little boy is adorable. He must be around the age of mine.

Margaret said...

LOL. Your stories of your family are so funny. I'm sure if Jim were to read your blog, he still might not get it. And by the way.... As if you weren't creative enough, you always do a great job with your nail work.

The Pribyl's said...

What cool nails!! Ohhh, if I only had the time to have pretty hands! Some day! Changing poopy diapers with long nails doesn't work well with me!