Friday, September 12, 2008

Random thoughts

I went through a spell for awhile where every time I was on the road someone would pull out in front of me! I know, we live in a big world, lots of drivers on the the roads. But I'm telling you this wasn't just the isolated, random, bad drivers that we all run in to on occasion. We're talking not even being able to get out of my neighborhood without some bozo pulling right out in front of me. I used to get really ticked about this and would voice my opinion about said bozo out loud. I wondered if it was my black mini van that I used to drive. Maybe my van was simply invisible to them? Then one night I took Jim's truck to the store (headlights on!) and some guy pulled right out in front of me! At that moment I had an epiphany! It doesn't matter what I drive! I must be a SUPER HERO! My super power must be that I am invisible! Just like Wonder Woman when she was flying in her plane. Now when someone pulls out in front of me, even though I'm not happy, I try to remind myself of how special I am. I say "See, I'm a super hero! I'm invisible." Last night my mind was wandering...I know shouldn't let it out on it's own, and was thinking about this subject. If you could have any super hero power, what would it be? Myself, I want to be able to fly! Like Superman! Now it's your turn. What power do you secretly wish you possessed?


Margaret said...

Hah!! I can clean toilets, vacuum and wash dishes in the same day. That is my super power. But if I could become any more amazing... I too want to be able to fly.

Crissie said...

Oh, this is a tough one. Yes, to be able to fly would be SO totally awesome. I think I'd pick the one that Jacob be able to manipulate time (like Hero from the TV show "Heroes")