Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Celebrity crushes

Ok, so after making my mosaic (see below) I was talking with one of my clients about it. When I came to the question of whose your celebrity crush I sat here trying to think of who is hot. Lets face it, I'm in love with my husband! Well Maria and I sat and talked celebrities last night, and I have to admit, I came up with a few! I'm sure that my girls are going to look at my list and go yuck! After all, they're all OLD! Well lets face it, so am I! All of these celebrities are from my youth. I can remember in which movie it was that I saw them and said "Hubba hubba!"

Judd Nelson, The Breakfast Club.

Nicholas Cage, Valley Girl.

Robert Downey Junior, Weird Science

John Travolta, Welcome Back Cotter and of course Grease!

When I was teenager my room was covered in posters! Who was hanging on my walls you ask? Not a single movie star! Musicians!

Neil Schon from Journey.

Oh and my most favorite! (at that time) Adam Ant!

Couldn't get a good 80's pic of Neil Schon by himself, so here he is with Steve Perry.


Margaret said...

Nice picks... Although some aren't what I would choose. There was Tommy Lee (in his early days with Motley Crew)and that singer with long spiky hair from the 80's band Kagagoogoo... (you remember that one?)- but I just don't look at them like I used to. I must be getting old.

Crissie said...

Oh, isn't Adam Ant so cute! I'll have to think about who I'd put on a list of crushes. And by the way, way cute background for your blog...thanks for the help with where in the heck that HTML code went!