Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imparting my wisdom

I have another addiction.
Shocker I know
but yes I can freely admit this one.
I love crossword puzzles.
I have always chosen to do my crossword puzzles with pen. Makes you commit to your answers whole hearted. None of this iffy pencil in the answers for this girl.
Since I no longer get a daily newspaper (they're all full of ugliness, and liberal agendas) I have another way to fulfill my daily habit.
Online gaming!
Oh the joy!

This is actually a good habit don't you think? It keeps the mind sharp which in turn will hopefully prevent the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's.
But all that has nothing what so ever to do with the reason I started this post.

While doing a crossword the other day I came across a new word (to me)
A fabulous word
One that makes me all fuzzy and warm inside every time I think of it
and especially when I say this word aloud.
I can see you sitting on the edge of your computer chair just waiting to delight in my new found wisdom.
So here it is


Fabulous isn't it!
Did you smile on the inside when you said it?
I did
Now I suppose that if I lived on another continent this word would not be so new to me. It's mainly a British term. But it's origins are probably from Scottish Gaelic .
Oh, yes I know much about this word now.
You see I was so intrigued by the sound of KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee) that I simply had to google it.
My dictionary is a 1968 edition and so is lacking so many *splendiforous words. (*another word that makes you smile to say)
KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee): disturbance or fuss.
Example of using it in a sentence
The royal scandal caused quite a KERFUFFLE (hee-hee-hee) on Fleet Street.

How divine.
To think that I have gone so many years without this word.
How did I ever manage?
No more.
From here on out my children will cease to argue!
Now they will simply have a KERFUFFLE. (hee-hee-hee)
Isn't that wonderful?
How could a mommy ever possibly lose her cool and yell at her children when they are simply kerfuffling? (Do you like my own personal adaptation of the word?)
I am a new woman
Who knew that learning new words could produce such joy in my life?
I should search the dictionary daily for further knowledge and joy!
Then again...
Maybe not.


Crissie said...

....And there arose a cry in the land, "She is writing again!" And there was much rejoicing, "Yay!"

The loyal reader (that was in another far away land) did laugh and grin at the witty writings of the lovely girl. The writings were so prolific that the loyal readers were in constant delight with the many new missives.

Now there also came to the far away loyal reader a bit of a conundrum, for even though she did send out the plea for more blogging from the lovely girl, now she was faced with her own lack of blogging and began to despair of finding her own things to blog about. Sadly, her mind was blank.

Les said...

Seriously an awe-inspiring word. I love it. And yes, I had the same reaction when I read it. I'd write more, but I have to go. I hear a kerfuffle in the back yard.

Bev said...

Sista, I sure enjoy your blog!

Stephanie said...

Kerfuffling is so much less fattening than donuts. Keep up the writing, you make me smile :) Love you!

terry said...

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AnneG said...

What a fantastic word! I love learning new ones! As for crosswords. I'll always be loyal to the classics

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