Monday, September 13, 2010

Mission Marriage & More

Things have been pretty crazy around here! No I did not fall of the face of the earth, though at times these past few months I might have wished that I had.
For starters my second born and number one baby boy received his mission call!

Here he is preparing to open his call.

You are hereby called to serve in the....
Indianapolis, Indiana Mission
Reporting to the Provo MTC on May 26th.

We were all very excited for him. This meant lots and lots to do! Extra immunizations, multiple shopping trips, and the Temple!

Here he is with his siblings, grandma, and wait...
who is the extra guy in this picture?

Somewhere in the process of preparing for our missionary to leave my oldest daughter got ENGAGED! The two of them started with ideas for a fall wedding but somehow that date kept moving up. It became the end of Aug. Ultimately being moved for a final time and scheduled for the 23rd of July!

My wonderful hubby worried about the mission taking a back seat to wedding plans and so insisted that I NOT do ANY wedding planning until we returned from dropping our son at the MTC. I did insist on completing one task right away! We bought a wedding gown. Please! Can you imagine trying to find a dress and worry about alterations with less than 2 months to spare?

So we swapped vehicles with my mother in law (is she great or what) to insure we had plenty of leg room, piled the majority of the family in, and headed off to UT.

We had a great time, visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake, seeing family and some of our bestest friends!

Then the day arrived. I tried to be brave.

I tried to be strong.

I willed myself not to cry.

Ha! We parked across the street so we could get a picture in front of the sign. A very nice man who was directing the flow of families informed me of the number of missionaries reporting that day (it was a lot! Drawing a blank right now...) and then said to me "Mom, thank you for loaning us your son." Whew! I about lost it then.

Hang tough.
Photo op with the family, minus #1 baby girl.

My super handsome missionary!

We walked back to the car to say our goodbyes before driving through the loop.
Well, you know what they say about good intentions...

Yes,I cried.

Even now, writing about this, I want to cry all over again!
I miss him terribly!

But he is exactly where I want him to be! And more importantly he is doing our Father's work and it is where He wants him to be. So I gladly relinquish him for next 2 years, knowing the great man he will be when he returns home!

Speaking of returning home..

Can you say BUSY?

Oh yes I was!

Plan, plan, plan.
Design, and plan some more!
Some of the centerpieces I came up with.
They were all topped with lampshades and then
lights were added the night of the reception!

This is my gorgeous daughter and the beautiful wedding gown she chose!

Getting married in July in Arizona, well let me tell you it is not the best idea!

However when two people are in love I guess temperature is the last thing on your mind while planning your wedding!

We had a scheduled photo shoot with the photographer at 5 am four days before the wedding.

Because their sealing session was at 10:30am.
Pictures after at 11:30 in July? Ha!

The pics with her hair down were all done at the early photo shoot.
I love this one! Love the way he framed it!

The day arrived.
Being in the sealing room with my baby girl was an amazing experience!
Fabulous temple sealer!

What's this?
The weather?
Clouds! Sprinkles off and on!

The cloud cover made for better temperatures and fabulous lighting for pictures!

Who would have thought that pictures at noon in July
could look this good!

Isn't she beautiful!

Oh yes! This is what my children do whenever a camera
is pointed at them!

The cake was fabulous! Her color choices made for
super great decorations!

I really do believe that we are the first people to ever roll
a keg into the Stake center! LOL
Yup, we had beer at the reception!
Ok, so it was Rootbeer!
On-Tap! It was de-lish!
We brought a flat version of our missionary to the reception
and had some fun taking pictures with him!
Just a shot where you can get an idea of what the tables looked like.

We had a "Candy Bar"
And the bride and groom chose the menu.
I know this was a super long post, but now you know why I haven't blogged for so long!
I do believe I am at last rested...sort of.
However I seem to be missing my witticism...
If you find it could you please return it post-haste?


Stephanie said...

I love you Suzee! You are witty and beautiful and kind. Thanks for posting on your blog and letting us live through you for a little while. You have such a wonderful family!

Crissie said...

I LOVED this post!! I'm so proud of your beautiful kids. When you wrote of missing Sam, I felt a tightening in my chest and I know our Father in Heaven is blessing your family for your sacrifices.
BIG (((HUGS))) to you!!

Lexi Jones said...

Mother Suzee,
I miss your son, I love your blog and your kids are all beautiful just like you!

Crissie said...

Once upon a time there was a lovely girl who used to post things on her blog. It was a joy to pop in for visits and see what the lovely girl was up to (since she lived in a land far, far away).

One day, the lovely girl discovered a place called Facebook. It was a magical place that gave her great entertainment. So much that she didn't have much time for her blog.

There was much sadness from her faithful readers. No longer did she tell her funny stories, or talk about her family on her blog. No, if they wanted to know things, they had to "Poke" her to get her attention.

If you listen closely, you can hear the cry of those readers, "Please come back"

To Be Continued.....

Dallas Meow aka ღ Eme said...

this is wonderful - BEAUTIFUL bride and beautiful DRESS! I work in the Temple in TX and so, so often encounter brides who simply made a bad choice and cannot wear the dress the spent so much money on. And it makes no sense to me.
LOVE the root beer barrel!