Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Happened to me?

Once upon a time there was a blogger.
She was witty
and creative
and full of ideas
and life!
Daily I look at this poor, sad, dejected blog.
I rack my mind for an idea.
I've even tried beating my head against a wall!
Ok, not really.
Sadly, I find nothing but a black void.
A deep chasm of nothingness.
I believe if you were to yell 'Hello'
You would hear an echo.
Did you hear it?
buried deep inside
is the desire to
To feed my soul!
Where has it gone?

I think I gave it all to


Carrot Jello said...

Yeah, but your background is AWESOME. Facebook didn't suck that out of you.

wampumqueen said...

Yes, I agree with Carrot Jello. Cute background, dun to look at, and we will continue to take what we can get from the great Suzee Jones.

Stephanie said...

Please! We need you in the blogsophere. Don't give up!

Crissie said...

Snap out of it! I just love to say that :o)

Turn off the facebook so you get super bored and can't wait to blog. Yeah, that's all you have to do.