Friday, February 27, 2009


Saw this funny on my sister Crissie's blog.
It's me.
I hear you.
I know what you have all been saying.
Suzee, where are you?
We simply adore your creativity.
Your wit, humor, and ability to entertain our hum drum lives for that brief moment when we find ourselves drawn to your blog.
Well my adoring fans/blog stalkers.
I assure you I am alive, warped, and dreaming up ways to entertain the masses.


Margaret said...

Talk is cheap. I log in every day and look for something new from you... I'm stil waiting to be entertained :)

Crissie said...

How funny...I was looking at my list of blogs I read and the newest ones are on top. So I'm checking for your blog and I'm freaking out cuz it's gone! Oh wait, it's almost on the top. Welcome back :)