Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today my baby girl moved out.
Ok, so she's not really a baby any more
Still, it was a milestone in my life as well as in hers.
How do I feel about this?

Mixed emotions

I discovered that all the things I ever heard or read were true. The closer your children get to the age where they move away, the worse they seem to behave towards their family. I heard that it is their way of making it easier to cut the apron strings. You're glad for them to go away and learn to be an adult.
Then there is the mommy side of me
The mommy remembers Sarah as a little curly haired girl, who would try to "take care of" her baby brother Sam, and then baby Kacie. Once, after I had told her over, and over, not to carry Kacie, she dropped her on the floor in the kitchen. Kacie had a small flower imprinted in her forehead from the pattern in the linoleum.
Sarah also cut hers and Sam's hair once. Of course she cut a slice into the back of Sam's head at the same time. She also knocked out Sam's front tooth when he was 2 years old, playing ring around the rosies with him.
Poor Sarah was always my clutzy child. I think it was because she grew so fast. It took her mind time to catch up with her body.

Now she is all grown up and moved into an apartment with a friend. As of today she learn how tough it truly is to be a grown up. Paying rent, buying all your groceries, cleaning supplies, electricity, insurance, etc.

Gone forever is the frivolous spending of her youth. Perhaps she will start to wish she had stayed at home. She will learn that she truly had it good while here.

But she will never decide these things are true until she she learns for herself.

Kacie is probably dancing a jig over having her own room!

I wonder what Kacie will find to complain about now?


Les said...

I don't know if I should offer condolances or congratulations! It's amazing how quickly these years are going. Before long, we'll be empty nesters! Good thing you had Dan or it would be only a few short years away! I hope Kacie enjoys having her own room!

Margaret said...

Ooooh. I remember when Sarah was a cute little curly-haired girl. The first one and everybody's favorite niece. You are a great mommy allowing her to grow up and taste freedom. I imagine this is a very exciting time for Sarah.

Leigh said...

Letting them go is hard. Watching them make mistakes is harder! At some point they do go from thinking you are the stupidest person on the face of the earth to the smartest. I don't recall that metamorphosis with my own mother (imagine that?) but my daughter did call me one day not that long ago to tell me that she had finally hit that place where she knew I was pretty darn smart and she should listen to me. Your's will too. Just keep doing what you are doing, it seems you have done every thing right so far. She is going to be fine Mom!

Crissie said...

Our little Sarah is all grown up! I must say that I'm looking forward to the day when Jacob has a job & enough money to move out. Hahaha! Not really...just yesterday :)

Michelle said...

I dont know if you will get this. You remember me right? Michelle Sondrup. Haha. LONG time ago. I found sara on facebook. It's so great that she remembers me. I felt like i was an excellent babysitter. Haha. I cant believe how time flies. She is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Sarah has really grown into such a beautiful young woman. I can't believe she's at that age. It won't take long before they realize just how wonderful home and family are. You have some pretty great kids there!